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Tribe in NY

They are all the tribes in NY, including the tribal' full name, alternate name, job title, zip code, city, etc. Click the tribal's name, you can browse more details.

State Tribe Full Name Tribe Tribe Alternate Name Job Title City Zip Code
NY Cayuga Nation Cayuga Nation of New York Nation Representative Seneca Falls 13148
NY Oneida Nation of New York Oneida Nation of New York Nation Representative Verona 13421
NY Onondaga Nation Onondaga Chief Nedrow 13120
NY Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Saint Regis St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians in New York Chiefs (3) Akwesasne 13655
NY Seneca Nation of Indians Seneca President Irving 14081
NY Shinnecock Indian Nation Shinnecock Trustees Southampton 11969
NY Tonawanda Band of Seneca Tonawanda Chief Basom 14013
NY Tuscarora Nation Tuscarora Chief Lewistown 14092