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Detailed information-04048

This is the detailed information about year start 2011, year end 2011, including location abbr, race, question id, geolocation, gender, income, class id, etc.
Note: YearEnd - Year End (for single-year indicator, year end=year start);
Low Confidence Limit - Low 95% Confidence Interval value;
High Confidence Limit - High 95% Confidence Interval value;
GeoLocation - Latitude & Longitude to be provided for formatting GeoLocation or Geocode in the format (latitude, longitude);
Class ID - Lookup identifier value for Class;
Stratification Category 1 - Lookup Identification value, such as Age Group, Gender);
Stratification 1 - Data stratified by this value, such as Male, Female, Total .

GUID: 04048
Year Start: 2011
Year End: 2011
Location Abbr: CT
Education: Unavailable
Age(years): Unavailable
Gender: Female
Question ID: Q036
Income: Unavailable
Class ID: OWS
Class: Obesity / Weight Status
Topic ID: OWS1
Topic: Obesity / Weight Status
Location Desc: Connecticut
Datasource: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Question: Percent of adults aged 18 years and older who have obesity
Data Value Unit: Unavailable
Data Value Type: Value
Data Value: 23.6
Data Value Alt: 23.6
Data Value Footnote Symbol: Unavailable
Data Value Footnote: Unavailable
Low Confidence Limit: 21.7
High Confidence Limit: 25.6
Sample Size: 3887
Total: Unavailable
GeoLocation: (41.56266102000046, -72.64984095199964)
Data Value Type ID: VALUE
Location ID: 09
Stratification Category 1: Gender
Stratification 1: Female
Stratification CategoryId 1: GEN
Stratification ID 1: FEMALE