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State CA

This is CA in FDIC Failed Bank List, click bank name, you can browse bank detail.

CERT Bank name City State Acquiring institution Closing date Updated date
22574 County Bank Merced CA Westamerica Bank 6-Feb-09 4-Sep-12
23011 First Regional Bank Los Angeles CA First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company 29-Jan-10 4-Mar-16
23124 Alliance Bank Culver City CA California Bank & Trust 6-Feb-09 16-Aug-12
23266 San Joaquin Bank Bakersfield CA Citizens Business Bank 16-Oct-09 22-Aug-12
23556 Vineyard Bank Rancho Cucamonga CA California Bank & Trust 17-Jul-09 20-Aug-12
23594 San Diego National Bank San Diego CA U.S. Bank N.A. 30-Oct-09 22-Aug-12
23595 Security Pacific Bank Los Angeles CA Pacific Western Bank 7-Nov-08 28-Aug-12
23632 Palm Desert National Bank Palm Desert CA Pacific Premier Bank 27-Apr-12 7-Dec-15
23876 Innovative Bank Oakland CA Center Bank 16-Apr-10 6-Oct-17
26348 Imperial Capital Bank La Jolla CA City National Bank 18-Dec-09 5-Sep-12
27090 Pacific State Bank Stockton CA Rabobank, N.A. 20-Aug-10 12-Sep-12
27094 Southern Pacific Bank Torrance CA Beal Bank 7-Feb-03 20-Oct-08
27197 Affinity Bank Ventura CA Pacific Western Bank 28-Aug-09 21-Aug-12
27259 Sonoma Valley Bank Sonoma CA Westamerica Bank 20-Aug-10 12-Sep-12
28344 PFF Bank & Trust Pomona CA U.S. Bank, N.A. 21-Nov-08 4-Jan-13
28536 First Federal Bank of California, F.S.B. Santa Monica CA OneWest Bank, FSB 18-Dec-09 23-Aug-12
29730 IndyMac Bank Pasadena CA OneWest Bank, FSB 11-Jul-08 22-Apr-15
30006 Pacific National Bank San Francisco CA U.S. Bank N.A. 30-Oct-09 22-Aug-12
30968 Downey Savings & Loan Newport Beach CA U.S. Bank, N.A. 21-Nov-08 4-Jan-13
32069 First Bank of Beverly Hills Calabasas CA No Acquirer 24-Apr-09 4-Sep-12
32165 Los Padres Bank Solvang CA Pacific Western Bank 20-Aug-10 12-Sep-12
32423 La Jolla Bank, FSB La Jolla CA OneWest Bank, FSB 19-Feb-10 24-Aug-12
32469 United Commercial Bank San Francisco CA East West Bank 6-Nov-09 5-Nov-12
33025 1st Centennial Bank Redlands CA First California Bank 23-Jan-09 13-Apr-16
33219 Butte Community Bank Chico CA Rabobank, N.A. 20-Aug-10 12-Sep-12
33493 Tamalpais Bank San Rafael CA Union Bank, N.A. 16-Apr-10 23-Aug-12
33983 Citizens Bank of Northern California Nevada City CA Tri Counties Bank 23-Sep-11 7-Jan-18
34341 Temecula Valley Bank Temecula CA First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company 17-Jul-09 20-Oct-16
34659 California National Bank Los Angeles CA U.S. Bank N.A. 30-Oct-09 5-Sep-12
34692 Canyon National Bank Palm Springs CA Pacific Premier Bank 11-Feb-11 19-Aug-14
34738 Frontier Bank, FSB D/B/A El Paseo Bank Palm Desert CA Bank of Southern California, N.A. 7-Nov-14 10-Nov-16
34783 San Luis Trust Bank, FSB San Luis Obispo CA First California Bank 18-Feb-11 12-Sep-16
35517 1st Pacific Bank of California San Diego CA City National Bank 7-May-10 13-Dec-12
57315 Granite Community Bank, NA Granite Bay CA Tri Counties Bank 28-May-10 7-Sep-17
57332 Mirae Bank Los Angeles CA Wilshire State Bank 26-Jun-09 20-Aug-12
57855 Charter Oak Bank Napa CA Bank of Marin 18-Feb-11 12-Sep-12
57885 First Vietnamese American Bank Westminster CA Grandpoint Bank 5-Nov-10 12-Sep-12
57893 MetroPacific Bank Irvine CA Sunwest Bank 26-Jun-09 5-Feb-15
57914 Pacific Coast National Bank San Clemente CA Sunwest Bank 13-Nov-09 10-Apr-17
57961 First Heritage Bank, NA Newport Beach CA Mutual of Omaha Bank 25-Jul-08 12-Sep-16
58087 Western Commercial Bank Woodland Hills CA First California Bank 5-Nov-10 12-Sep-16